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Leave the Licensing to Us

California’s Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA) is difficult to navigate. Specifically, MCRSA creates six separate licenses with twelve individual license types, ranging from specialty indoor cultivation facilities to testing laboratories and general dispensaries. Our partners can help you identify and acquire the best MCRSA license type for your specific business needs. Run your business the way you want and leave the licensing to us.

What We Offer

We are industry leaders. Our partners, with Aaron Herzberg as general counsel and Chris Francy as chief operating officer, have funded and closed over $20,000,000 in cannabis transactions since starting the company in 2015. In fact, to our best knowledge we have acquired more California municipal medical marijuana licenses than any other group in the state. We’ve accomplished this through our unique combination of legal and political skills, enabling us to target and acquire “needle in the haystack” cannabis real estate with above-market leasing terms and favorable returns. We work hard to stay ahead of the curve by working with elected leaders at the municipal level.

We offer turnkey solutions and professional consulting services to cannabis entrepreneurs interested in acquiring municipal medical marijuana licenses and properties consistent with California’s MCRSA, Proposition 64, and local legislation. CalCann Holdings’ consulting services can help you:

Identify Real Estate Opportunities

We target unique real estate eligible for medical marijuana retail, cultivation and manufacturing.

Coordinate With City Officials

We are experienced in engaging government officials to shape public policy and draft local ordinances.

Comply With New Legislation

We help entrepreneurs navigate dense legislation at the local and state levels to ensure compliance for applicable licensing.

Prepare Applications

We prepare municipal and state applications, including deliverables such as business plans, site plans, security plans, and operations manuals.

Draft Ordinances and Agreements

We draft ordinances and development agreements in compliance with MCRSA and Proposition 64.

Design Facilities

We offer design and build services for legal medical marijuana operations, including cultivation facilities and dispensaries, from initial sketches to the final construction.

Learn How MCRSA Can Protect Your Business

A marijuana business in compliance with state and local requirements on or before January 1, 2018 will receive strong interim protection under MCRSA because it may continue operating until its application has been approved or denied. CalCann Holdings’ Aaron Herzberg and Chris Francy will personally work with you to protect your business under MCRSA’s licensing scheme as soon as possible.



Just as you carefully select who you work with to effectuate your licensing needs, we also look for a particular type of client to share our business with. Consulting work requires a close relationship through which we can explore our client’s goals and provide them with a distinct plan that is tailored toward their individual business model. Our ideal client is an experienced entrepreneur with a verifiable track record and immediate access to capital ranging from five to twenty million dollars. Our projects are large scale and we prefer relationships with marijuana investment funds that need help acquiring assets.

We generally charge five to thirty thousand dollars per month, in addition to a small amount of equity on each project as determined on a case-by-case basis.

Yes! CalCann Holdings has investment opportunities. We are always looking for individuals to fund the acquisition of real estate, but we are not well-suited for smaller investments and we do not syndicate our deals. We prefer a minimum investment of three million dollars, as the funding needs for our projects typically range from three to ten million dollars. Please visit our investment page for more information.

Simply put, a development agreement is a contract between a property owner and the local jurisdiction in which the property resides. It primarily functions to govern the property’s development and each party’s obligations. A development agreement can help a medical marijuana business obtain a special municipal approval without the complications of a city-wide ordinance. Contact us for more information about how we draft development agreements and city ordinances.

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