Real Estate


Marijuana-related facilities are limited

It can be difficult for existing dispensary owners who seek to expand to new markets to obtain real estate as well as to keep track of the ever-changing landscape and sensitive land use conditions and zoning requirements in new municipalities that are opening up to medical marijuana in Southern California. Furthermore, many landlords will not lease to marijuana-related facilities.


Experts in Identifying Marijuana-related Real Estate Opportunities in California

We are experienced real estate investors who proactively identify and invest in cannabis-related real estate opportunities in California. We actively seek properties that comply with municipal medical marijuana ordinances and fund the acquisition of said properties for both our own operations as well as joint ventures with other operators who are seeking to enter new markets.


Actively Engaged and Investing with Returns

CalCann Holdings has access to significant capital and can finance the acquisition of real-estate related to Marijuana businesses in California.  We stay abreast of developments in all municipalities in Southern California and we source properties well before ordinances are passed to ensure that we have ample real estate to meet our expansion needs.  Often we source additional locations that we can make available to operators who wish to enter joint ventures with us.


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The passage of MMRSA has opened up an enormous opportunity for acquiring local cannabis licenses and real estate across California. Many counties and cities across California that have banned or severely limited the production and sale of medical marijuana are expected to reverse and implement expanded medical marijuana laws. With the passage of MMRSA, licenses have become the currency of marijuana investment in California. There’s a limited window of time to act as municipalities are experiencing pressure from operators and activists to issue licenses before California residents vote to fully legalize cannabis later this year.