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Position Papers

Remedying Los Angeles' Failed Marijuana Policy

Reconciling the temporary prohibition of dispensaries with a merit-based medical marijuana licensing system.


Adelanto Position Paper

A position paper on the process of working with Adelanto and identifying profitable real estate investments.


Long Beach Policy Review

Recommendations for the City of Long Beach to update local ordinances to reflect MMRSA.


Special Reports

Adelanto Case Study

In the city of Adelanto, California, we used our public policy and cannabis expertise to work with local lawmakers to adopt a new medical marijuana licensing structure. Read all about it here!


MMRSA Licensing Report

In October 2015 the California legislature passed the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA). MMRSA creates a comprehensive state licensing system for the commercial cultivation, manufacture, sale, transport, distribution, delivery, and testing of medical cannabis. All state licenses require local authorization.


MCRSA & AUMA Comparison

In October 2015, the California State Legislature passed the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA), creating a comprehensive state licensing system for the commercial cultivation, manu-facture, retail sale, transport, distribution, delivery, and testing of medical cannabis.In November 2016, California voters will decide whether to pass the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), which would legalize and regulate recreational marijuana in California. AUMA would require recreational marijuana businesses to obtain state licenses in categories similar to those in MCRSA.


Marijuana Taxation Across California Cities

In In light of the Medical Marijuana Regulations and Safety Act (MMRSA) and the possible passage of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), California cities are increasingly taking a pro-cannabis stance.
City councils are rushing to adopt medical cannabis ordinances, which prohibit or regulate how medical cannabis businesses can operate within their city.


Investment & Real Estate Flyers

Cathedral City Low Beam Grow Campus Flyer

New city ordinance now allows for Commercial Cannabis Businesses including sales of medical cannabis and or products , cultivation, processing , storing laboratory testing and distribution.

Zoning: L-1 (Light Industrial, allows dispensaries and cultivation)