We are a team of attorneys and political consultants with proven expertise in California’s cannabis industry. Our expertise lies in identifying and acquiring medical marijuana municipal licenses and real estate properties in California. We work at the municipal level with each city’s local elected leaders.

We provide consulting and advisory services to cannabis entrepreneurs interested in acquiring municipal medical marijuana licenses in cities that will qualify for state licenses under California’s new MMRSA law. We also work with clients to identify and acquire real estate properties applicable under new municipal medical marijuana laws.


Government Relations Consulting Services

We can help you identify and obtain municipal licenses for medical marijuana cultivation facilities, processing labs, kitchens, dispensaries, and other medical marijuana-related businesses. We can help you navigate the complex licensing process and get access to local city officials. Our governmental relations consulting services include:

  • Identifying opportunities for acquiring municipal medical marijuana licenses across California
  • Drafting municipal ordinances
  • Obtaining conditional use permits
  • Speaking with elected governmental officials
  • Creating presentations, white papers, and primers for local government officials and regulators
  • Preparing municipal or state applications, including deliverables required for applications such as business plans, site plans, security plans, and operations manuals
  • Preparing and designing medical marijuana cultivation facilities and dispensaries, including all necessary materials
  • Navigating legal landscape of local municipalities and initiatives process
  • Navigating MMRSA and California state laws


Real Estate Consulting Services

We can help you identify, finance, and acquire real estate properties eligible for medical marijuana municipal licenses across California. We actively monitor medical marijuana real estate opportunities across California’s changing landscape and can help you find properties that meet your needs. Our real estate consulting services include:

  • Identifying California real estate properties eligible for medical marijuana municipal licenses
  • Creating real estate applications
  • Structuring and acquiring real estate properties
  • Arranging financing for real estate acquisitions
  • Navigating zoning and sensitive use criteria
  • Navigating the real estate acquisition and funding processes