Businesses Are Scrambling to Rent Cannabis Property in California to Grow Medical Marijuana

Entrepreneurs have been scrambling to rent cannabis property in California since recent legislation declared marijuana usage, both recreational and medicinal, to be legal. Although recreational cannabis presents amazing opportunities for business, the medicinal use of marijuana is truly ground breaking, alleviating the symptoms or causes of many illnesses that have been resistant to traditional medication. One subset of this treatment resistant group are people who suffer from epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a serious disease that takes its toll on the bodies of those who suffer from it, presents a high risk of injury and it can be disturbing and heartbreaking for loved ones watching epilepsy victims experiencing seizures. Unlike many other illnesses that can be managed with OTC supplements, treating epilepsy necessitates a “cocktail” of medications. What’s more, many major medicines to treat this chronic problem have serious side effects, like complete sedation.

This is why families struggling to treat their epileptic loved ones find medicinal cannabis (specifically CBD) so promising. In fact cannabis has shown so much potential for treating epilepsy that FDA approved clinical trials are currently underway.

Medicinal CBD

CBD is the component of medicinal cannabis that is not psychoactive. The fact that clinical trials with pure CBD are happening is extremely exciting for the epileptic community. With such incredible biological usefulness throughout the entire body, more research and products will only help society benefit more.

Pure CBD formulas have presented the safest way to begin trials for epilepsy patients because pf the lack of psychoactivity. However, developing a single pure CBD formula is problematic: epilepsy is not a “one size fits all” disorder. With lack of clinical trials investigating CBD, most parents and patients get their own CBD cannabis, which will always contain a percentage of THC. Doctors can learn from these cases to form an understanding about which types of epilepsies might respond to a combination product.

If you suffer from epilepsy, you are not alone. The occurrence of epilepsy is surprisingly common. Unfortunately, it is disruptive, painful after a seizure and can be potentially deadly. It is important not to lose hope, however. Uncertainty behind the effectiveness of cannabis and CBD when regarding epilepsy treatment is fading fast. Medicinal cannabis is finally garnering attention from the scientific community – something that will need to happen to popularize treatment and give it more credibility..

People looking to rent cannabis property in California are helping the cause. With more entrepreneurs involving themselves in the cannabis market, more opportunities abound, increasing hope for people with chronic illnesses. Cannabis has never been as important as it is now, nor as close to being accepted in the medical community, two facts that show incredible promise.

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