Is Employee Training a Priority for Your Marijuana Real State in California?

While medical marijuana is proving to be a profitable business venture for dispensary owners and those who have invested in marijuana real estate in California, the issue of employee training has become an important one in the eyes of critics.

A recent study published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research took a close examination into the practices surrounding employee training in United States dispensaries. More specifically, the study aimed to test knowledge on how employees of dispensaries recommended certain marijuana strains to treat certain conditions.

Here are a few conclusions that this study, “Training and Practices of Cannabis Dispensary Staff” put forth in terms of those employed by cannabis real estate retail outlets:

  • 55% of dispensary employees surveyed indicated that they had received formal training in regards to their dispensary roles;
  • 20% of dispensary employees surveyed indicate they had specific medical or scientific training;
  • 94% of dispensary employees surveyed indicated that they gave specific cannabis advice to their patients in terms of strain;

Some of the things of note about this study is the degree to which employees working in cannabis real estate establishments are trained versus the fact that they are dispensing medical-related advice to patients in terms of their cannabis treatments. The study observed that in most cases, dispensary employees were providing sound advice that was along the lines of scientific evidence, yet the large gap in formal training in terms of the depth of advice they are providing could not be ignored.

This study can be useful for dispensary owners to assess their training programs for their employees. It can also help those who have invested in marijuana real estate ensure they enact employee recruitment processes that take into consideration a prospect’s formal education and training. The study advocates for states to evaluate whether having a formal certification program for providing medical marijuana-related advice be developed and provided to cannabis doctors and dispensary employees alike.

Furthermore, this study concludes that with the expansion of activities and products that are being made available in marijuana real estate operations in states like California, including products like edibles and different equipment for smoking, employees should be up to date on understanding potencies and the safe and effective use of all cannabis products.

CalCann Holdings seeks to be a partner to those who have purchased marijuana real estate in California in helping them ensure that they are implementing sound recruitment and training practices for those working in their operations. We embrace the great responsibility we have to those who are looking to purchase marijuana for medical use and thus, are dedicated to helping our marijuana real estate owners acquire the knowledge and training necessary.

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