Looking to Rent Cannabis Property in California? Take Care of Your Dog

Those who want to rent cannabis property in California need to take special care of their pups, who have a history of ingesting cannabis and making themselves sick. Although some vets and pet owners have used medical cannabis to pain, treat seizures and to stimulate appetite, these products typically do not contain THC.

Dogs can come down with cannabis poisoning if they ingest too much. California residents should be especially careful about containing edibles properly, which are especially tempting for your pooch. If you aren’t careful, you could come home to your dog sprawled out on top of your edibles. Seeing your dog after he or she has consumed a large amount of marijuana can be scary – your dog might be severely anxious, or slow to move.

Luckily, cannabis poisoning is usually not too serious. With some rest and treatment from the vet, your dog will recover. Still, you want your dog to be comfortable and safe at all times and preventing your dog from eating your marijuana is easy to do.

What if my Dog has Eaten My Cannabis?

Don’t be slow to come clean due to embarrassment. The vet is just there to help, and coming clean will allow him or her to diagnose your dog much sooner. A quick confession will also save money on tests that they might have otherwise performed to see if a more serious condition like kidney failure and liver disease, two illness that produce similar symptoms.

Understand that if your furry friend has gotten into marijuana, sometimes a serious discussion is in order. If your pet got into your friend or roommate’s cannabis, have a serious talk with them about containing their marijuana properly and keeping it out of reach.

Even if you aren’t looking to rent cannabis property in California, do still keep an eye out. There have been instances where dog owners who do not smoke marijuana still have to be wary. For example, a dog owner, who hadn’t smoked since 1976 didn’t smoke, neither did her live-in boyfriend.

Harry, the pet poodle still had to be seen for medical treatment because he scarfed something off the ground at Central Park, New York, a popular place for smoking cannabis.

What if I have a Cat?

Cat owners should contain their marijuana properly and keep it out of reach, but they tend not to partake. According to the ASPCA poison center, dogs are responsible for around 95% of pet cannabis poisonings.

Dog owners, let’s be honest. Sometimes our beloved companions just put dumb things in their mouths. Dogs will try anything once, sometimes twice, while cats tend to be more conservative. If you are looking to rent cannabis property in California, take extra care to keep your cannabis contained. You’ll be doing your loyal companion a favor.

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