Will a Cannabis Real Estate in California Help Create a National Boom?

In 2016, the legalization of cannabis in the United States made more progress than any year before, with November being when 7 states moved towards legalization of medical marijuana. In many cases, legalization efforts were furthered in the recreational marijuana arena. In California, Proposition 64 was passed, which equated to a real estate boom that this state had never seen in terms of cannabis real estate in California.

2017 is expected to be another year of incredible growth in the legal marijuana industry, where other states will see increase in demand for operational facilities like cannabis real estate did in California. The Marijuana Project did a projected calculation for the year and expect that 37 legalization bills will be introduced in 33 states. If this is the case, businesses will be emerging nationally that will help with cannabis real estate needs just like CalCann emerged to become a huge player in cannabis real estate in California.

It’s important to recognize that the increase in legalization is mostly only in the medical cannabis side of the legal marijuana industry. While medical users represent a significant market, and medical cannabis legalization represents a significant gain for national legalization efforts, legalization for recreational use is a little slower to get moving across the board.  It’s expected that there will be only a few states to emerge with efforts to legalize cannabis for recreational use such as Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

CalCann, as leading providers of cannabis real estate in California, have been through the legalization efforts in California and are expected to lead in the industry nationwide as examples of how to navigate the various expertise required for operating within the legal marijuana industry. CalCann hopes to be an example for other states in what it takes to provide a high-quality service that includes real estate, investment and legal expertise all intended to support legal marijuana entrepreneurs.

CalCann looks forward to seeing the legalization efforts they have been so involved in unfold over the nation and remains partners and resources to all in the industry looking for examples of best practices in the industry. Contact CalCann today to access a high calibre developed expertise promoting the development of cannabis real estate in California.

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