California Legislature Delaying Licensing for Properties for Cannabis Business in California

When Proposition 64 went through this past November, California’s legal marijuana industry expected that there would be some delays in the processing for licencing for properties for the cannabis business in California. It now appears that the California legislature is experiencing delays in implementing the processes required to allow for business licensing to occur smoothly.

It was expected that this would be up and running by January 2018, but the industry is facing some significant doubts over whether the licencing processes will be in place to ensure the viability of medical and recreational marijuana operations.

One of the barriers to having an efficient licensing system in place for California is the banking system, that has not been able to provide a strong enough financial infrastructure. It’s made the process of financial management of dispensaries and other properties for cannabis business in California difficult, and has left dispensaries vulnerable.

For right now, it looks as though licensing hasn’t come to a halt, but rather, there will be steps put into place that will allow for provisional licensing until there is a larger system in place that will allow for the licensing of the hundreds of properties for cannabis business in California.

While it has been found out that there are several dispensaries and properties for the cannabis business in California that are selling recreational marijuana illegally, before the full implementation of Proposition 64, it underscores the need for concrete solutions to be put into place. California does not want to wait too long to enjoy the provisions of Proposition 64.

It is not clear as to whether licensing will actually get its act together by 2018, but officials in California seem positive that they will make significant progress in the coming months towards implementing more measures for Proposition 64 implementation.

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