Design Features to Consider for Cannabis Real Estate in California

Now that Proposition 64 has passed in California, dispensaries in the state will be considering the ways that they can enhance their cannabis real estate in California to create an an inviting space for those seeking to purchase marijuana for both medical and recreational uses.

CalCann Holdings works closely with those in the legal marijuana industry to help find cannabis real estate in California that will enhance the retail experience for those purchasing marijuana. Through our experiences, we recommend to our clients that they consider some of the following in terms of the design and feel of their dispensaries:

  • Make it Feel Legit. Since the legality of the marijuana industry is a relatively new concept in the United States, with states only now providing more clarity on how they’ll tackle legalization at the state level, dispensaries have been often wrongfully associated with illicit activities. Until now, people in California may have perceived dispensaries and other cannabis real estate in California as spaces where the lines between legality and criminality are blurred, requiring a societal shift in accepting these spaces as completely legal operations through the implementation of Proposition 64. As such, people want to make a legitimate purchase, and will likely feel less comfortable in operations where the walls are plastered with Bob Marley flags, incense is constantly burning, and the space feels more reminiscent of a back-alley head shop. Take the consideration of making your cannabis real estate space look and feel like the legitimate business it is, not a place where stoners flock.
  • Keep Customer Experience in Mind. Dispensaries can find unique and creative ways to enhance the customer experience of purchasing cannabis. Ensure your cannabis real estate space is fully accessible, and is warm, inviting, and maintains customer privacy as an essential part of the operation. You may use privacy screens, smell stations, or other types of functional or artistic installments that all work to enhance the experience your customer has when purchasing from you. Get creative with this!
  • Leave Space for Education. A good dispensary will have adequate opportunity, and space, to be able to demonstrate their product, and their knowledge of the product, strains, and various psychedelic and/or medicinal effects to the discerning customer. Dedicate a good amount of space to this feature, and have opportunities for the customer to smell and feel the product, such as installing a Smell Station.

When working with clients, the experts at CalCann will seek out the best cannabis real estate in California with the potential uses and needs of their customer in mind. They will guide you through the process of understanding how you want to portray yourself and your product to your ideal customer, and work with you to find cannabis real estate spaces that can be transformed into an ideal retail experience. With expert knowledge of the features that guarantee the best customer experience, CalCann will be your trusted support in preparing your California cannabis real estate space for Proposition 64’s full implementation.

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