Getting Ready for 2018: CalCann’s Role in Proposition 64 Implementation

California’s marijuana industry is currently worth an estimated $30 billion, with projections of reaching $50 billion within a decade, once Proposition 64 is fully implemented by 2018.

CalCann Holdings began in 2015, with the objective of becoming one of the most trusted advisors and partners in the legal cannabis real estate industry.  CalCann has embraced their role as leaders in the legal marijuana industry, and demonstrates their value through the following avenues:

  • Legal Counsel: CalCann was founded by Aaron Hertzberg and Chris Francy. Aaron is a corporate lawyer specializing in marijuana policy, giving him some of the keenest legal insight in this nascent industry.  Chris has been recognized as a trusted source by some of the top business publications, including Forbes, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times, regularly providing his thoughts on the marijuana industry to these publications.
  • Financing: Even though medical marijuana usage as well as marijuana for recreational use have both been legalized in California, those starting a marijuana business have very limited options for financing, due to lack of liquidity for marijuana businesses and because according to federal law, marijuana is still illegal. CalCann Holdings provides a information and options for those looking for financing at competitive rates, working to alleviate the financial barriers to opening a marijuana business.
  • Properties: CalCann already has quite an impressive holding of real estate properties for legal cannabis concerns of all shapes and sizes in California. They frequently add new listings, and are always on the lookout for new properties to develop into legal cannabis businesses.
  • Licensing: CalCann operates under the assumption that anyone looking to start a legal marijuana business in California will likely find the licencing process to be confusing, if not a bit overwhelming. CalCann provides clients with the know-how to get them through the licensing process proactively, efficiently, and quickly.
  • Investments: CalCann is always looking for investment partners or opportunities, to continue helping develop the emergent and growing marijuana industry.  Their mission is to become the premier cannabis real estate development company in California, focused on building a unique portfolio of California cannabis brands and opportunities.

CalCann has been working hard to build the partnerships, legal expertise, legal connections, and processes required to support the growing legal marijuana business in California. With years of industry experience prior to and past the passage Proposition 64, CalCann Holdings makes it easier for those interested in breaking into the legal marijuana industry to do so. CalCann looks forward to building its portfolio of clients, properties, and investors and hopes to ultimately represent a large part of the legal cannabis real estate development in California.

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