10 Interesting Facts about CalCann Partner Chris Francy

Chris Francy is a Partner and the Chief Operating Officer of Calcann Holdings, and has become well-recognized as one of the leading spokespeople for marijuana legalization in California.

Here are a few things you may be interested to know about Chris Francy:

1. Chris is what you would consider a “serial entrepreneur”, and has achieved success in more than one entrepreneurial business endeavor. His company Xioxide, Inc was recognized as #104 on a list of 500 fastest-growing companies by Inc Magazine.;

2. He was presented the “Young Entrepreneur” Award by President Obama in 2012 at The White House;

3. His first entrepreneurial endeavor, Xioxide Inc., achieved over $100M in sales;

4. Chris Francy has remained a strong advocate for legalization and a go-to guest on TV shows such as The Adam Carolla Show for explaining Proposition 64;

5. Francy’s entrepreneurial pursuit with Xioxide focused on information technology, selling computer parts and accessories;

6. A partnership was struck between Chris Francy and actress Roseanne Barr, to open a new dispensary called “Roseanne’s Joint”, which unfortunately fell through;

7. Previous endeavors into legal marijuana include opening dispensaries OC3 and Bud & Bloom in California;

8. Alongside his business partner Aaron Herzberg, Chris Francy was instrumental in the legalization efforts in California, particularly within the Santa Ana area. They remain important activists and advocates for legalization;

9. Chris has also stood up as a powerful supporter of expanding financing for marijuana entrepreneurs, suggesting that the legal marijuana business is way to advanced to be operating on a cash-only basis, leaving legal operations open to theft;

10. Chris is now a leading voice and trusted adviser for those who are looking to invest in or purchase cannabis real estate through his work with CalCann Holdings

As Proposition 64 nears implementation, Chris Francy, along with his business partners at CalCann Holdings will be people to watch and pay attention to. Marijuana legalization, while still only at the state level, is expected to spread across the nation, which will make Chris Francy a go-to expert for those in the legal marijuana industry for those who want to model his successes.

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