A Look into Real Estate for Your Dispensary in California

As the legal marijuana industry gains more traction in California, with more entrepreneurs wanting to invest in the industry, the need for real estate will definitely grow. CalCann Holdings is an important partner to those who are looking for real estate dispensary in California. As experts in both real estate and marijuana law, we have specific insights from the legal, investment and real estate perspectives that prove to be advantageous for our clients.

The Marijuana Business is the Real Estate Business

In an article in Inc, CalCann Partner Aaron Herzberg pointed to the great potential for profitability when real estate is re-zoned to be used towards operations in the legal marijuana industry. For instance, a property valued at $2 million dollars can be re-zoned to be used for legalized marijuana to be of $10 million dollar value. Companies such as CalCann, who have emerged as prominent leaders in the marijuana real estate market, are looking to seize the opportunities in California to make property more valuable through working through the regulations required for operating within the legal marijuana industry in California.

Needs for Real Estate for a Dispensary Will Explode

One of the things that CalCann and those in the legal marijuana industry in California and in other states across the United States is aware of is the fact that real estate demand is going to skyrocket as implementation of legalization efforts get more advanced. With the legal marijuana industry in California representing a $25 billion opportunity, more entrepreneurs are going to want to get a slice of the pie. This is great news for those who are open to increasing their property values for the legal marijuana industry through deals such as selling their real estate dispensary in California. CalCann is eager to search out property owners who are interested in seeing how working with the legal marijuana industry can increase their profit, while looking to match them with qualified entrepreneurs willing to pay top dollar for their legal marijuana operations.

Work With Experts in Marijuana and Real Estate

If you’re considering purchasing real estate dispensary in California, don’t do it alone. Without the specific expertise required to navigate the regulations surrounding marijuana real estate for a dispensary in California, you may get lost or jeopardize your business. Contact CalCann today to worth with our team of experts who are equipped to handle all aspects of the real estate processes for marijuana businesses in California.

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