Marijuana Dispensary Real Estate in California on the Rise: Get in Early!

Since California is one of the biggest states in the United States, we can expect to see marijuana dispensary real estate in California boom, and CalCann Holdings will be a large support to those working within the legal marijuana industry. Warehouse space, commercial dispensaries, and other forms of real estate in California are expected to shoot up in value.

Marijuana Dispensary Real Estate in California

To their benefit, many real estate owners are leasing space to cannabis owners. Real estate is already on the uptick, so we can expect to see an increase in rates as demand continues to grow.

Additionally, the Wall Street Journal recently reported that most marijuana farms and packing facilities are housed in warehouse space between 8,000 and 20,000 total square feet. Also, there are loans presently for marijuana dispensaries that are in the millions.

These facilities are not small, nor are they cheaply constructed.  As a result, real estate prices will continue to grow in value as more and more of these larger concerns are established.  General storage prices will also likely continue to increase in the both real estate market in general and in the cannabis industry specifically.

Marijuana Dispensary Real Estate in California Recent Activity

Marijuana is creating a lot of opportunities in business and real estate. As more marijuana is grown, the need for additional facilities to process and sell it becomes more acute.  As the need for marijuana real estate in California rises, larger facilities are required.  As larger facilities are required, costs go up as the amount of available land goes down.

Land is being scooped up all over the state.  In addition, many properties located in industrialized zones are being scooped up for growing marijuana and dispensaries.

As the marijuana industry continues to grow, both the state and property owners will benefit, alongside the industry itself.

Marijuana Dispensary Real Estate Prices

If you’re looking to buy and expand your business in California, you should seek to work with an experienced real estate agent who has specific experience with marijuana dispensary real estate, such as CalCann Holdings.

Furthermore, as the need for marijuana dispensary real estate increases, working with a realtor who is knowledgeable, creative, and knows the state will be of great to benefit to interested buyers and help ensure you get the facilities you need at the right price.

Marijuana real estate in California is one of the largest cannabis markets in the United States.

Improve Efficacy of Your Marijuana Dispensary Real Estate in California

When looking for marijuana dispensary real estate in California, it is important to work with someone with knowledge of the market.

Now is the time to invest; as more properties are scooped up, prices will continue to increase.  Getting in early will help ensure one’s success in the legal cannabis market.

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