Marijuana Tourism in the Future for Marijuana Real Estate in California

There is some more good news for marijuana real estate in California. The legal marijuana industry in Colorado has been showing a great deal of promise in terms of a specific area of tourism that is appealing to marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world. Could marijuana tourism be the next big thing for marijuana real estate in California?

While it has been an important part of tourism in other parts of the world such as The Netherlands and Jamaica, where cannabis culture is a part of the every day social fabric, have long been involved in cannabis tourism. Any time you go to Amsterdam and into a coffee shop, for instance, you’ll never cease to find packs of backpackers eager to try what legal cannabis is like. You’ll often see advertisements for escapes to Jamaica as well where you’ll be able to enjoy tours of plantations and get very integrated in the Rastafarian culture from which most of Jamaica’s marijuana enthusiasm arises.

In Colorado, people from all over the United States have flocked to the state to enjoy the benefits of being able to purchase recreational marijuana legally. Since the state laws do not discriminate who marijuana is sold to, except for on the basis of age, it has become a popular destination for marijuana enthusiasts eager to participate in a regulated cannabis system. Marijuana real estate in California should prepare for a similar onslaught of cannabis tourism to hit the sunshine state.

Since marijuana real estate in California has been booming since Proposition 64 made the sales of recreational cannabis legal, companies like CalCann who provide licensing and real estate services to those in the marijuana industry are eager to see what could be in store for California in terms of marijuana tourism.

California, with its already strong tourism industry, has boasted some of the most beautiful dispensaries in the United States, CalCann Holdings’ dispensary Bud & Bloom being amongst one that has been featured as a place to visit.

With the promise of recreational marijuana bringing a new demographic of tourists with specific interests in marijuana, CalCann is eager to show those in the marijuana industry what could be possible for them if seek to be popular destinations for marijuana tourists.

CalCann Holdings presents a wide variety of available properties for marijuana real estate in California to its clients who are eager to be a part of the growing part of the marijuana industry who are building high quality, high-end dispensaries that people from all over the world want to visit. If you are interested in marijuana real estate in California, contact CalCann Holdings today to discuss your interests and how they can be your partner in creating outstanding legal marijuana operations in California.


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