Popular New Strains Driving Interest in Marijuana Real Estate in California

There is a medical strain gaining popularity that may be ideal for marijuana real estate in California. Originally named High Rise, the Master Kush cannabis strain is bred by the Dutch White Label Seed Company. After becoming popular in Amsterdam, where it originated, the name was changed to Master Kush. It is an indica dominant hybrid strain, with a ratio of 90% indica, 20% sativa.

Effects of the Master Kush Strain

Master Kush gives a smooth smoke that balances full body relaxation without any mind-numbing effect. The strain produces heightened euphoria that peaks creativity and intellectual curiosity levels. Positive effects include relaxation, sedation, euphoria, sleepiness and an uplifting body buzz.

Some negative side effects include dry eyes and mouth. Only get prescriptions from certified cannabis physicians, because if unmonitored, and taken at a dose that is too high, patients have experienced paranoia, dizziness and anxiety.

What Medical Conditions Can Master Kush Treat?

Master Kush’s effect of complete relaxation coupled with sleepiness and euphoria makes it an excellent candidate for insomnia. It only takes a few moments to kick in, do be careful not to consume too much.

Migraines, anxiety and other mental health problems could also be successfully treated with this strain. A heavy strain, Master Kush helps most patients with chronic pain, aids in appetite stimulation, depression, arthritis and PTSD.

Unlike benzodiazepines, Master Kush can handle anxiety without impairing cognitive functioning, allowing you to remained focused on any task that may be at hand. This strain is ideal for patients seeking a heavy and soothing effect with just a little bit consumed. Other illnesses that may be candidates for Master Kush include cancer, stress and HIV.

This strain has gained increasing popularity out of Amsterdam, and would be an excellent choice here in California to treat various symptoms and illness. With more research into its medicinal uses, there may be a variety of illnesses that can be treated with Master Kush.

Medicinal cannabis is impacting the lives of more and more people suffering from illnesses as legalization expands. It has successfully treated Cancer, PTSD, chronic pain, and has helped many people suffering from mental illness as well with positive effects on depression and anxiety.

For owners of marijuana real estate in California, Master Kush may be an ideal choice for medical treatment. Thanks to its many positive effects when consumed, it is a great candidate for both serious illnesses like Cancer and less serious problems like insomnia. Time will tell if Master Kush will be distributed for medical purposes in the states, but it would be a welcome innovation.

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