Meet Chris Francy, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at CalCann

Chris Francy is Partner and Chief Operating Officer of CalCann, and has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2015. In addition to his two licensed dispensaries in Santa Ana, California, Chris has been instrumental in developing a 42,000-square foot municipal cultivation and processing greenhouse facility in Desert Hot Springs, California.

Who is Chris Francy?

Chris is a policy expert and noted cannabis entrepreneur.   He was honored in 2012 in a White House ceremony held by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a “Young Entrepreneur”.

As an entrepreneur, Chris has developed expertise in marijuana production and processing. In addition, Chris’s involvement with marijuana over the last four years has been beneficial to the state of California in terms of promoting responsible growth and cultivation.


OC3 was opened as the first licensed dispensary in September 2015. As a result, Governor Jerry Brown signed a law with a set of regulations for California’s medical marijuana industry a month later. Because of the new laws, new rules on testing and labeling are now being utilized.

One notable feature of OC3 is that sales tax is added at the register rather than showing up as an increase in prices. In their business, they strive to attract customers away from the black market, by demonstrating that they are able to deliver a superior product at better price points.

Bud and Bloom

Along with other Investors, Chris Francy opened Bud and Bloom in Santa Ana. Bud and Bloom caters to an upscale medical marijuana clientele.

Interestingly, this second location is tucked away in an industrial area of the city, due to zoning laws. The interior of the dispensary uses windows and lights to create an open and inviting atmosphere.  An open floor plan with accessible shelves gave the customers a chance to check out the products, such as chilled cannabis-infused drinks, or under-the-tongue tinctures.

Last Year’s Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl 50 gave a new meaning to “This Bud’s for You”.  Sales after the ad aired led to one of the best days ever for the cannabis real estate properties of Chris Francy and others; sales continue to climb.

Watch for Chris Francy

As California continues to grow with pot plants, real estate, rentals and marijuana shops, Chris Francy is looking forward to new opportunities.  He hopes to continue to be instrumental in the growth of California’s legal cannabis industry through his work as Partner and COO of CalCann Holdings.

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