More Police Officers Are Supporting Marijuana Real Estate in California and Less Strict Marijuana Laws

A new Pew Research Center Survey was released, revealing that the majority of police officers support legalized  marijuana real estate in California and less strict marijuana laws in non legal states. With the passage of Proposition 64, marijuana became legal for medical and recreational usage, but what about states where marijuana remains illegal?

Twenty five states have legalized using medical marijuana yet cannabis remains as a Schedule I drug of the Controlled Substances Act – the most restricted category that enigmatically, contains drugs that have no currently accepted medical use. While the removal of cannabis from Schedule I has been proposed repeatedly since 1972, rescheduling proponents argue that the substance should be removed from federal control altogether.

The US government doesn’t agree, maintaining the ridiculous notion that marijuana is dangerous enough to merit Schedule I status. The different perspectives between the government and proponents of removing cannabis from Schedule 1 rests upon how the Act should be interpreted and what types of scientific evidence are most relevant to the rescheduling decision.

Surprisingly, police officers might be more on the side of rescheduling proponents. According to Pew, eight thousand officers participated in the survey. Sixty eight percent reported that marijuana laws in states where it is illegal should be relaxed. Meanwhile, a staggering eighty four percent of the public supports less strict marijuana laws.

The survey found that cannabis has more support with younger officers as opposed to older one. Thirty seven percent of officers under age thirty five supported legalizing marijuana, not just for medical purposes, but for recreational usage as well. Twenty seven percent of older officers between ages fifty and sixty supported legalizing.

Police groups in the past have been at the forefront when it comes to fighting against marijuana legalization. This behavior has been attributed to the fact that police departments may lose
War on Drugs funding where marijuana is legalized.

It seems as if there are some cool police officers out there that understand the benefits that legal marijuana can bring to the twenty five remaining states and that they at least support relaxing strict cannabis laws.

Too many inmates in jail today have been incarcerated as a result of harboring nonaddictive, safe cannabis that has the potential to help countless medical patients with issues like cancer, pain relief, anxiety, depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Luckily, in our progressive state, police officers support the legalization of marijuana and marijuana real estate in California. They see the financial, medical and social benefits of recreational and medicinal marijuana and hopefully, more states will follow suit.

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