Property for Cannabis Business in California: Considerations

When you are looking to either lease or buy a property for cannabis business in California, CalCann Holdings can serve you as a trusted resource in navigating the often complicated real estate behind marijuana businesses.

When you are looking to lease a property for your cannabis business in California, here are a few considerations we can recommend you take into account.

  • Legitimate Property Management. When leasing a cannabis business property in California, want to be sure that you are investing your hard work, time and resources into a property that will keep your business secure, and in good standing and will prevent you any inconveniences due to the building itself or the associated property management. Be sure to do your research to understand who you are dealing with, and understand the standing of the building (i.e. whether it is an owned building or a leased property) so to ensure your cannabis business in California is not affected by any building issues.
  • Location. We have learned that best practices for property for cannabis businesses in California take into account the location of the dispensary. Cannabis business owners want to look for balance between properties that have a storefront visibility but still remains low-key in their visibility and operations due to some restrictions in marketing for marijuana businesses in California despite legalization.
  • Capacity of Utilities. Whether your property for your cannabis business in California is acquired to support commercial or grow operations, you want to be sure that the building you choose is equipped with the capacity to handle the electricity and water that your operation may need. You don’t want to move into a property with your cannabis business in California that will not be able to support your operations due to water supply or poor electrical setup. Be sure to know the ins and outs of the utilities of your property for your cannabis business in California.

CalCann Holdings is a trusted partner to those who are looking for property for their cannabis business in California. We combine real estate expertise with a true understanding of all the needs of various marijuana businesses and are eager to serve those who are growing and emerging within the legal marijuana industry in California.

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