First Visit to Real Estate for Dispensaries In California? Four Things to Know

The Cannabusiness is booming, especially in California which passed proposition 64, making it legal to grow and use marijuana for personal use. Chances are, if you haven’t already, you might want to visit the real estate dispensaries in California. These pieces of real estate are basically stores where cannabis is sold (or dispensed).  Whether you are from the state or not, here are some things you should know before stepping foot in a California cannabis dispensary:

Look into Cannabis Strains Based on the Effects You Desire to Have

While some dispensaries will have highly detailed display cases letting you know about the product (like what the strain name is, whether it is sativa, a hybrid, etc), some may not. Dispensaries may offer tinctures, edibles as well as cannabis flower too. If you aren’t sure where to start, first figure out what effect you’d like to experience. If you are seeking an energized effect that is uplifting, consider sativa. If you are looking to “chill out” or obtain a sleepier feeling, go for indica. For a bit of both, choose a hybrid strain. Be sure to research these different strains beforehand, and when in doubt, as your “budtender” about the product. Everyone is friendly and just wants to lend a hand when working at real estate dispensaries in California.

Be Aware of the Different Consumption Methods

Unless you are MacGyver from the 1980’s hit television show, you are going to want to ensure you have the right equipment to consume your product properly – particularly if you are out of state. Oils, waxes, and cannabis flower all need particular equipment to be consumed properly. You may opt for edibles which don’t necessitate the use of any equipment. In this case, be aware that these may take at least one hour to take effect, and the effect may last as long as six hours. So start slow.

Know the Drill Before you Arrive at a Piece of Real Estate for Dispensary in California

All cannabis dispensaries look a little different, but the drill is basically the same. If there are two sides of the dispensary, one for medical, one for recreational, be sure that you are on the proper side. You’ll need to give your driver’s license or ID to someone upon arrival. (Don’t worry, you’ll get it back!) Many dispensaries are cash only, and you may save money if you buy in bulk. If you have any questions, call ahead and ask.

Look into Different Dispensaries, and Relax

Some real estate dispensaries in California may just offer medical marijuana for purchase. All dispensaries are going to have slightly different cannabis strains, pricing and specialties. Ask a friend beforehand where they prefer to go, or check out reviews online. Finally, relax and have fun. Everyone at the dispensary is there to help. Don’t feel silly asking questions – there won’t be any judgment.

With the passage of Proposition 64, more and more people are looking into buying real estate dispensaries in California, so expect many more to be popping up in the area.

Use these tips, do your research, and you should be fine on your first visit.

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