Real Estate for Dispensaries in California – Is it OK to Smoke Where Legal Cannabis is Sold?

In 2016, proponents of legal cannabis won big time. With legalization in place in more states than ever, it’s natural to feel a little curious, especially if you own real estate for dispensaries in California. Are you able to smoke where legal marijuana is sold?

The cannabis industry isn’t like the alcohol industry, where patrons can partake of the intoxicant at the local lounge, pub, tavern or bar. The regulations and rules around legal cannabis consumption are a little murkier.

For your convenience, especially if you own real estate for dispensaries in California, here is a breakdown of laws declaring where legal cannabis can be used. We start of course, with California.


In California, the decision is up to local municipalities – they create their own regulations and rules about public on-site usage at dispensaries. Unfortunately, anyone consuming California cannabis need to remain out of sight from the general public. Additionally, marijuana smokers are not allowed to burn one up where alcohol and tobacco are allowed.


The Alaskan Marijuana Control Board put a recent proposal to rest – one that suggested marijuana consumption should be allowed at a dispensary in the states.


Colorado doesn’t allow on site cannabis smoking at dispensaries. In November, Colorado passed Initiative 300, allowing the public use of vaporizers and edibles indoors. Cannabis is still prohibited inside, and will still be confined to outside consumption.

Washington DC

Washington DC is prohibited by Congress from allowing recreational marijuana dispensaries in the nation’s capital. You can be arrested for eating, smoking or dabbing in any public place.


This state will allow marijuana to be consumed and sold on-site.


Boston was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana consumption. Local municipalities are in control of the decision, by a simple referendum.


No recreational dispensaries are open in Nevada at the moment. Legislation has been proposed that could allow public consumption in cannabis shops, but it is still illegal to light up on the Vegas strip, bars or nightclubs.


It is completely legal to buy and possess recreational marijuana in Oregon, but state law doesn’t allow the use of marijuana in any public space, including retail cannabis shops.


Washington State’s cannabis law doesn’t allow on site usage in their cannabis stores. It is not a good idea to be smoking outside the privacy of your own home.

We hope this guide has been helpful, especially if you own real estate for dispensaries in California. Although legal marijuana laws are murky, guides like this will help you learn the ins and outs so you can consume cannabis safely without worrying about legal repercussions.

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